October 3, 2021

Fiesta OF Wheels

at Balloon Fiesta

A Balloon Fiesta® Tradition.

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About the Fiesta of Wheels.

For nine days in October, the New Mexico skies are painted as hundreds of balloons lift off from Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta Park. Whimsical special shapes and Balloon Glows create a magical landscape for spectators to wander. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta will leave you awestruck and wanting more.

The first Sunday of the event is special for automotive admirers, hobbyists, enthusiasts. The Rainbow Roadrunners Car Club will host a car display on the field after the balloons lift off. Hundreds of classic, vintage and special interest vehicles will parade from the West onto the field. Vehicles are from all over the state and country. All vehicles that fit into the categories will be accepted. It is not necessary to register for this free event, however if large clubs are planning on attending together please Contact Us.


updated 9/01/2021

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is continuing with plans to launch the 49th event on October 2, 2021. Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the current State of New Mexico Public Health Order pertaining to COVID Safe Practices, the Balloon Fiesta will require masks for all guests in all indoor areas and in crowded outdoor settings.

Balloon Fiesta’s main focus is staging a safe event for our pilots, balloon crews, volunteers and guests. Early last year, Balloon Fiesta started looking at a variety of scenarios based on the changing public health orders. Some of the changes include:

  • Moving hospitality seating from indoor and tent areas to outdoor seating.

  • Providing cashless options to purchase tickets.

  • Spacing popular special shape balloons around the park.

  • Increasing the number of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations.

  • All restrooms will have hand sanitizer available inside the facility.

  • Not conducting Music Fiesta for 2021 because of the close proximity of guests.

  • Not conducting the Balloon Discovery Center because of its indoor nature and that it features activities with multiple touchpoints.

These procedures will be updated as they change.

Current COVID Safe Practices for the 49th Balloon Fiesta:

  • Masks are required in all indoor areas.

  • Masks are required in crowded outdoor settings.

  • Masks are required for all passengers boarding enclosed Balloon Fiesta courtesy shuttles and park and ride buses.

  • Increased physical distancing will be encouraged in all areas.

Masks / Face Covering Requirements

All face coverings (whether disposable or reusable) must:

  • Be made with at least 2 layers of breathable material

  • Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin

  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face

  • Be secured with ties or ear loops and allow the Guest to remain hands-free

  • Costume masks are not considered appropriate and are prohibited from being worn.

  • Face coverings may have an integrated transparent plastic panel to aid in viewing the wearer's mouth. These face coverings should:

    • Be a fabric face-covering featuring a solid plastic panel containing no openings that is attached to the fabric on all sides using tight knit stitching

    • Meet all face-covering requirements listed above

COVID-19 Warning – An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.

Travel information


Staging for this year's event will be at the Rail Runner station at Los Ranchos/ Journal center at 8:00 AM, MDT, October 3, 2021.


  • do not block traffic;

  • Obey all traffic laws;

  • Give right of way to busses, trains, and local traffic.

Restrooms are not available at the staging location. Officials will alerts us when the field is open and ready for us. Although we anticipate this to be around 9:00 AM, the time is based on multiple factors is ultimately out of our control.

Drive to Balloon Fiesta park

As the field opens and we are given clearance to enter the field, we will collectively head toward the crew entrance. For security, vehicles entering park will be subject to search. While we make every effort to remain in one group, local traffic can cause breaks in the migration to Balloon Fiesta park. If you are separated form the group, please continue towards the crew-members entrance gate to rejoin the group. As we enter the park, you will be directed to parking areas. Please follow traffic and instructions by all Balloon Fiesta personnel.

Most importantly, Have fun!

Staging location

Crew Entrance


  • September 12, 2021:

    • Guest Guide added to clickable options. Please reference for any Balloon Fiesta related questions.

  • September 7, 2021:

    • Fiesta of Wheels is scheduled to continue as planned.