Staging and where to meet.

Staging for this year's event will be at the Rail Runner station at Los Ranchos/ Journal center located at 101 El Pueblo Rd. NE, at 8:00 AM, MDT, October 2, 2022.


  • do not block traffic;

  • Obey all traffic laws;

  • Give right of way to busses, trains, and local traffic.

Restrooms are not available at the staging location. Officials will alert us when the field is open and ready for us. Although we anticipate this to be around 9:00 AM, the time we caravan to Balloon Fiesta is based on multiple factors and is ultimately out of our control.

Entrance to Balloon Fiesta Park via general admission is included for those individuals inside of your participating vehicle. However, once inside, there are no in-and-out privileges. Please note, all vehicles entering Balloon Fiesta Park with the Fiesta of Wheels caravan for entry are subject to search by officers and Canine units. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. Note, the FoW caravan will be entering through the Crew entry on the North end of Balloon Fiesta Park. Although the roadways are fairly maintained, there are places that are underkept and/ or not paved. There are also large inclines and declines the caravan will encounter and alternative entrance routes were not made available to the FoW entrance caravan.

Staging Area

Route to Balloon Fiesta Park

Once Balloon Fiesta officials have allowed the FoW to enter the field, we will caravan to the crew entrance on Roy Rd. We will head North on 2nd St., merging onto 4th St., and continue to Roy Rd. The Crew entrance is east of the Edith Blvd. overpass.